Side gigs don’t get any simpler than this!

Looking for a simpler, more rewarding opportunity?

How does Income Without Obstacles sound?


We just launched, and our Affiliates are already loving their results with Trulu!

“Getting started with Trulu was so easy. I love that I could sign up for free and immediately have access to so many tools and resources. Not all Affiliate networks do that; usually, you just get a link and a “good luck,” but Trulu really does offer so much more. Live training calls, a great dashboard to track my progress, not to mention a pretty awesome product that literally everyone could benefit from. Becoming a Trulu Affiliate is just a no-brainer in my mind.”

– Ben, Grapevine TX

“I wouldn’t say I’m a big “side hustle” person – my life is pretty busy. But when I tried AMPM and saw how easy it was to join Trulu as an Affiliate, I was sold. This product is so great that I’d be sharing it with my friends anyway, so why not sign up and make commissions while I do? It almost seems crazy to NOT become an Affiliate. I’m so glad that I did.”

– Jenny, Minneapolis, MN

7 Reasons YOU Should Become a Trulu Affiliate


Starting is Simple!

No huge online followings required. No in-depth marketing know-how necessary.

We’ve got the platform and the plan to help you succeed! Whatever you bring to the table is exactly what we’re looking for in a Trulu Affiliate! Side gigs don’t get any simpler than this!


Pay Nothing to Join … Ever!

  • NO enrollment fee.
  • NO purchase required.
  • NO ongoing renewal.

It’s completely free, and available to everyone. No application to approve. No matter how much experience you have (or don’t have), you can do this!


Earn on Your Sales

Earn commissions on all of your sales (starting at 15%!).

Share your link, and earn 15% on every order placed through it. And that’s not just on the first order, but every order that Customer places with you!


Earn Even More!

Once five new Customers you refer place an order in a single pay period, you’ll start even earning more on your sales, plus you can earn on the sales and earnings of other Affiliates you refer.

Our Earnings Plan is simple, and its potential is impressive!


Do It Your Way

Not comfortable with online marketing? Bad experiences with other Affiliate programs?Not sure if you’ll have time to make it all work?

You’re exactly who we made Trulu for! You can easily share content from your phone while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. We give you the content, and the link. You just have to click, and go.


Share Amazing Products

Customers are LOVING our first product, and you will, too.

Over time, we’ll add more and more products to our platform, always giving Affiliates something new to talk about. Be the first to share them all with everyone.


Help a Child in Need

Trulu partners with the M5M Foundation® to help fight global malnutrition by nourishing children around the world.

Every purchase made and every sale you make also helps nourish a child who desperately needs it!

It’s Easy. It’s Rewarding. And It’s Free!

What do you have to lose? Create your free Affiliate account now and see what Trulu is all about.

Trulu is for You!

Hear from some of our first Affiliates


“We’ve just started…and one thing that I’m really excited about; we’re into it one week, and I’ve already got a paycheck. I got the email today, can’t believe it. So that is fantastic.”

– Arleen N.

“We’ve just started…and one thing that I’m really excited about; we’re into it one week, and I’ve already got a paycheck. I got the email today, can’t believe it. So that is fantastic.”

– Arleen N.


We’ve made this simple!

Use the products. Share the content and the link we give you. Earn commissions on sales!

Now it’s your turn!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost me to be an Affiliate?

Absolutely nothing. There are no enrollment fees, no annual renewals and no purchases required. Of course, you may want to purchase product, and you may decide to invest in your business on your own, but none of that is required by Trulu.

Is this network marketing?

Nope, we’re an Affiliate program with some extra perks. You earn on your sales to customers, and once you get five customers in a single pay period (we call this Super Affiliate), we allow you to earn on other Affiliates you’ve personally referred, too. That’s it.

What do I get when I become an Affiliate?

Once you create your free Affiliate account, you immediately get access to your Affiliate Dashboard. There, you’ll find your Affiliate links to share, and you’ll also find some basic how-to videos and other resources to help you get started. We also hold several live zoom sessions each week welcoming new Affiliates and giving updates on everything happening in Trulu.

On top of that, within 24 hours of becoming an Affiliate, you’ll start receiving daily emails from our TruShare platform. This platform is the real game-changer for Trulu Affiliates. We send you articles and social graphics to share every single day, and they’re all linked to your Affiliate ID. Just check your email, click a button and start sharing!

Can I be an Affiliate for other companies and still share Trulu?

Of course! Add Trulu and its products to your mix, and be ready to go. What you share from other companies is your business; we’re just flattered and excited about you sharing ours!

What are the products Affiliates share?

Trulu is an Affiliate platform where all kinds of products will be made available for sharing in the near future. Currently, as part of our beta launch, we’re offering a single product called AMPM. It’s a nutritional system uniquely designed to tackle energy, mood, sleep support and gut health in a single program.*

In the not-so-distant future, Trulu will offer many more products, and they won’t just be nutritional products.

When did Trulu launch?

Our beta-launch occurred on June 16, 2023 (so, yeah, we’re really new!). We’re allowing Affiliates to join now and help us officially get off the ground in the near future.

Is This What You’ve Been Looking For?

It’s Time to Put Trulu to Work for You!

It’s free. It’s simple. It’s rewarding. It’s income without obstacles.