About Trulu

Welcome to the Next Era of Entrepreneurship.

The world has changed. So should entrepreneurship! Over the last 10 years, opportunities have been abundant for anyone looking for a way to earn some extra income.

  • Digital marketing and mobile technology make it easier than ever for anyone to start their own business.
  • Companies rely on Affiliates and Influencers as much (if not more) than mass media to reach new audiences.
  • People are more open and interested in adding a “side hustle” (or two, or three …) to their life than ever before.

The Gig Economy is here, and it’s only getting bigger!

We think we can make it better, too!
Trulu is where anyone can step into a side gig and work it their own way, on their own time.

Some Muscle for Your Side Hustle

Trulu was created with simplicity at the heart of everything we do, and everything we ask of our Affiliates. Use the products and the platform, and share links with your connections. When they order, you earn income. Simple!

We’ve also amplified our Earnings Plan compared to most Affiliate programs. We make the work as simple, and the rewards are worth it!

We Offer Income Without Obstacles!

NO online marketing expertise required.

NO huge online followings necessary.

NO previous experience needed.

The Gig for Anyone

Most importantly, we created Trulu for YOU! You don’t need a huge online following. You don’t need a degree in e-commerce. No home parties, no hotel meetings and no big upfront costs required.

Whatever you bring to the table is exactly what we’re looking for in a Trulu Affiliate!

We created Trulu for everyone! It’s not always easy to squeeze in “one more thing.” We get it. We made Trulu for YOU!

Busy schedule?

Share a few links while you’re waiting to pick up the kids and see what happens. Even the smallest amount of spare time could be all you need.

Limited budget?

It costs nothing to register as an Affiliate and start sharing right away. Zero. Nada.

Uncomfortable with digital marketing?

Our TruShare platform (free to all Affiliates) provides content ready for you to send anywhere, with a single click from your phone.

Trulu is for YOU!

Get Started for Free

When you join as an Affiliate (for no cost!), you can immediately earn 15% on every sale you make. Once you sell to a handful of new Customers, we’ll bump you up to 25% commissions!*

And there are two more ways to earn after that!*

Learn all about the Earnings Plan

It’s Time to Put Trulu to Work for You!

It’s free. It’s simple. It’s rewarding. It’s income without obstacles.

Trulu is for YOU!

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