The AMPM Story

The world is craving a new kind of nutrition.

How It Started

Over the last three years, it feels like people have gotten more moody, irritable, and slept less and worse than ever before. There’s a general malaise that seems like it’s set in, with a lack of energy and drive.

Guess a pandemic can kinda do that, huh?

We’ve seen the importance of emotional health and mental wellness take center stage, and that’s a good thing. But it’s still not a commonly understood thing.

With the pandemic behind us, we find ourselves still in a bit of a funk. While the world is “getting back to normal,” many of us are secretly struggling with feeling “normal.”

We’ve Been Reprogrammed

It may be a little hard to believe, but our brains and behaviors have actually been reprogrammed over this time.

We are fundamentally creatures of motivation and reward.

When the rules shift, it doesn’t just impact us on an emotional or mental level; it actually impacts us on a bio-chemical level.

As new studies and stories continue to unveil the mystery of the biology behind our mood and motivation, a few points have become abundantly clear:

Gut-Brain Axis

The health of the Gut-Brain Axis has an absolutely foundational influence on our overall health and well-being.

Mood + Motivation

Nutrients that support our mood and motivation can help you feel better, get more done, and improve your quality of life.*

Sleep Importance

Sleep may very well be the most important component of health, so when it’s not right, you are missing out on your full potential.*


The causes of stress in our lives aren’t going anywhere, so supporting our bodies ability to handle stress is really important.

A Safe + Simple Solution

Convinced that supporting the gut-brain axis, mood, motivation, sleep, and our body’s ability to respond to stress are at the core of living a healthy life, we wanted to find a nutritional solution.* One that was simple. One that was safe. One that anyone could squeeze into their daily routine.

When we couldn’t find one, we knew there was something we had to do about it.

Introducing AMPM

AMPM was designed to deliver exactly what your body is missing for that zen feeling of calm focus during the day and relaxed, restful nights.* It’s uniquely designed to address energy, mood, sleep support and a healthy gut in a single program.*

Our team of scientists and formulators have spent decades creating some of the most unique and successful nutritional solutions in the world. AMPM is what happens when that team looks at these modern health challenges and figures out a natural nutritional solution featuring proper dosages of scientifically studied ingredients to nourish our body and mind.*

Simply put, it’s the Nutritional Answer for Having a Great Day.

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