How It Works

Starting is Simple

Becoming a Trulu Affiliate is as simple as it gets:

  • NO enrollment fee.
  • NO purchase required.
  • NO ongoing renewal.

It’s completely free, and available to everyone. No application to approve. No minimum following required. No matter how much experience you have (or don’t have), you can do this!

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What Does an Affiliate Do?

Technically speaking, Affiliates receive a personal referral link that they can share with others. When someone orders through that link, you earn a commission.

But there’s a lot more fun and freedom to it than that. Online. In person. From home. On the go. Anywhere, any time, for anyone. You can share Trulu your way, all day.

We summarize it with a simple acronym: U.S.E.


Use the platform and products, and the training we provide.


Share your link using the Trulu e-commerce engine every Affiliate has access to.


Earn commissions on all of your sales (starting at 15%—see below!)

What Do I Earn?

As soon as you complete your free registration, you can start sharing and earning!

Earn 15% on every order from every customer you refer.

  • Share your link, and earn 15% on every order placed through it.
  • Not just the first order; every order!
  • Keep finding new customers to unlock even more ways to earn!

Achieve Super Affiliate and earn 25% on customer orders!

  • Refer 5 new Customers who purchase in a single pay period (2-weeks).
  • You’re now a Super Affiliate!*
  • Super Affiliates earn 25% on every order from every customer!

Two More Ways to Earn

Super Affiliates are also eligible to tap into two additional ways to earn with Trulu:

  1. Super Affiliate Sales Bonus
    Earn 10% on the purchases and sales made by any Affiliate you personally refer to the program.
  2. Super Affiliate Earnings Bonus
    Earn 5-25% on the earnings of Super Affiliates you personally refer.*

Download the Earnings Plan

Trulu is for YOU!

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† The following qualifications and clarifications apply:

  • Customer must place a qualifying order of $100 to count.
  • Two pay periods occur every month (1st – 15th, and 16th – 31st).
  • Wholesale earnings are not generated on personally sponsored Super Affiliates.
  • Royalty Earnings are applied to the following pay period. E.g., if you become a Super Affiliate this pay period, your royalty earnings will begin during the next pay period.